At 9 PM: ‘Telephone Girl’ Radio Theatre by Hasan Seyidbeyli!

At 9:00 PM tonight, on March 5th, Anti Radio will broadcast Hasan Seyidbeyli’s “Telephone Girl” audio theater play.

Starring: Hokume Gurbanova, Malik Dadasov, Sofa Besirzade (1959).

Narrated by: Aydin Qaradagli

Language of narration: Azerbaijani

The lyrical film tells the story of the life of a young girl named Mehriban as she finds her place in the world and experiences her first love. Mehriban’s love encounters difficulties and doesn’t bring her happiness, but it doesn’t fail to touch her soul. The man she loves cannot rise to the level of the person she once envisioned in her dreams. However, outwardly resembling her imaginary friend –Zakir encourages her to think deeply and reassess her relationships with people.

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