Kali Malone

Hailing from Colorado but finding her creative home in Stockholm, Kali Malone is a composer and experimental musician who possesses a unique ability to transform pipe organs into otherworldly creatures and modular synth tones into delicate flickers reminiscent of a candle’s flame. Her recent album release, “Does Spring Hide Its Joy,” a collaboration with Sunn O)))’s Stephen O’Malley and cellist Lucy Railton, spans an impressive three-hour duration, serving as a testament to her exploration of microtonality.

What sets Malone apart and makes her work truly exciting is her profound understanding of frequency nuances, a skill honed through her work as a professional organ tuner. Drawing inspiration from the drone music tradition pioneered by luminaries like Éliane Radigue and La Monte Young, Malone crafts expansive, long-form compositions that not only captivate listeners but also possess a profound physical and emotional resonance.

For those eager to dive into Malone’s sonic world, “Does Spring Hide Its Joy v2.3” stands out as a prime example of her artistry, offering a glimpse into the intricate layers of sound and texture she effortlessly weaves together.

In her music, one may find echoes of various experiences and sensations – from the hum of distant jet engines to the cool embrace of a
walk-in cooler, from the ethereal glow of fading light to the immersive
depth of Rothko paintings. Malone‘s compositions invite listeners to
embark on a journey beyond the ordinary, exploring the boundaries of
perception and consciousness through sound.

As she continues to push the boundaries of experimental music, Kali
Malone emerges as a visionary artist, bridging disparate worlds through
her innovative approach to composition and her profound connection to
the sonic realm. With each release, she invites audiences to immerse
themselves in the rich tapestry of her sonic landscapes, where every
note serves as a gateway to new dimensions of experience and

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