Bahar with her unique improvisations and stylistic approach to popular songs, was quickly invited to “Seismic Unity” – a new music label composed of young talents.

She began her professional music career with this team in 2019 and made her debut as a guest artist on F-Souljah’s album with the track titled “Balkon“. The success of this track was followed by her first solo release, “Məsləhət”, which was later remixed by another member of “Seismic Unity” – Fujin, further increasing Bahar’s fame. In 2021, she collaborated with the well-known local alternative music band “The Half” on their single “Şablon Sevgi”, which now has over 300,000 views on YouTube.

Subsequently, her first EP album, “Yel”, was released, featuring 5 tracks on which she collaborated with the beatmakers of “Seismic Unity” – Fujin and Beasy. With 2 music videos for the tracks “Oyun” and “Rəng” from this project, she became one of the top young artists in the country.

You can listen to the latest music of Bahar on the Anti Radio playlist.

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