Execution 22

Hard rock band Execution 22 hails from Minnesota, USA. Execution 22’s musical sound is original, developing to a progressive and alternative edge, with reverberations like Strapping Young Lad and other industrial, trash, and heavy metal ensembles.

Turning Red’ is a song talking about being on the brink of belief and disbelief. With the hope, there’s a way to see infraction to the disbelief, but the judgment is coming: are we aware of the truth?  ‘AngelS SinG’ is talking about seeing a dream about a recreation of the new world. There will be only one light, His light. Singles Turning Red and AngelS SinG, released on their album ‘In Your System,’ are a befitting addition to their previous publications, such as ‘Dear Daddy,’ ‘Yourself From You,’ and ‘Selah.’

As Execution 22 continues its impressive movement against the tide of the world, listeners have no better choice but to stay tuned and enjoy the band’s production!


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