Kelsie Kimberlin

Kelsie Kimberlin, a 22-year-old American musician and vocalist, not only delivers accessible and enjoyable music but also infuses it with profound social themes and dual meanings that underscore her profound understanding of how creative music can trigger transformation. From an early age, Kelsie immersed herself in music, singing in choirs, participating in Yoko Ono’s Peace Project, and dedicating a significant portion of her childhood to working on a constant stream of original songs in music studios. She actively engages in every aspect of her art, including composing, recording, performing, and producing her music videos.

Kelsie fearlessly addresses the challenges affecting humanity as a whole. In “Lobotomy,” she explores the readiness of individuals to forsake critical thinking in favor of a demagogue. In “American Guns,” she delivers a sharp critique of America’s infatuation with weapons of war designed to harm fellow Americans. In “Masterpiece,” she entices everyone, much like an enchanting siren, to embrace the beauty within themselves and extend that self-love to the entire world. Despite the societal awareness and potent messages conveyed in some of her recent tracks, Kelsie’s heartfelt and emotional performances on themes of love (“Hazy Day”) and loss (“Dusty Road”) demonstrate her ability to infuse authenticity into any composition.

“At present, the world is undergoing monumental and historic transformations that impact every individual on the planet. How we respond to these changes will shape the destiny of life on Earth for future generations. I aim to use my music to shed light on some of these issues and offer people hope that together, we can unite in our humanity for the greater good.”

Over the past year, Kelsie has released six videos and cultivated her own following and a legion of admirers. Her videos have garnered millions of views on YouTube, and her songs have been streamed millions of times, with each track receiving substantial radio airplay on hundreds of stations worldwide. After her song “Bring Together” was released in May, it maintained its position on the Top 50 Shazam Charts in numerous cities for over a month, and it remained in the top 20 on the Rock Radio Chart elsewhere for two months. Radio promoter Roman Kalmuk acknowledged this remarkable achievement, stating, “Kelsie has achieved what very few independent artists have, surpassing Coldplay on our radio charts. We are incredibly excited about her future releases.”

Multi-Grammy winner Michael Brauer, who has been collaborating with Kelsie since January, recently expressed, “I thoroughly enjoy mixing Kelsie’s music! Her voice is exquisite and emotional, and I genuinely believe in the stories she conveys through her singing. The musicianship and production are equally astounding. I anticipate her reaching great heights; she’s the real deal.”

When the COVID-19 pandemic struck, renowned music legend Danny Goldberg encouraged Kelsie to release her music during this challenging time. Following the release of “Masterpiece,” he sent her an autographed copy of his new book, “Serving the Servant,” chronicling his relationship with Kurt Cobain, congratulating her on her outstanding work.

Esteemed music producer Vasyl Tkach had this to say about Kelsie: “Kelsie’s songs carry profound emotional depth. Even when she explores themes of love, her lyrics carry a profound undertone that compels you to revisit her music time and again in an effort to grasp all its nuances.”

Music editors and critics take note of Kelsie’s unique performance style and underscore her commanding and captivating vocal abilities.

“Her latest music video ‘Masterpiece’ demonstrates her versatility, engaging the audience with her distinctive creative artistry. The track provokes listeners to ‘awaken’ and take a stand to protect our planet Earth before it’s too late to preserve it. I was highly impressed by her splendid vocal skills showcased in the single.” – Jennifer Stone, Daily Music Roll

“Kelsie Kimberlin is an artist who fearlessly embraces a singer-songwriter role. She confronts weighty subjects in her music and doesn’t shy away from performing over a wide range of instrumentals. Kelsie’s latest single, ‘Bring Together,’ is a gem featuring uplifting lyrics, alternative pop-rock vibes, an incredibly catchy chorus, and an intoxicating vocal performance.” – Quincy, Creator of Ratings Game Music

One of Kelsie’s enduring traits is her genuineness. “I am who I am, whether on a film set or spending time with my family. My music reflects that same authenticity. A perfectly airbrushed world doesn’t really exist. Sometimes I may be more poetic and melodic, and other times I may boldly express my feelings and experiences. But the more openly I face each day, the easier it becomes to determine how to make tomorrow better than today.”

Kelsie travels extensively, cherishes all of her 15 pets, and courageously shares her views on social injustices. “If I perceive that I can influence something or someone by disseminating relevant information to others, I will do so, whether through my music, online presence, or in my daily life. The only way we can effect positive change is by speaking out, getting involved, and making a constructive impact.”

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