Candy White

Candy White is a Country and Tejano music singer based in Dallas, Texas. Born on a bright October day in El Paso, her roots run deep, tied to the values of hard work and resilience. For many years, Candy was a professional wrestler, overcoming her fears and gaining confidence through a decade of struggle. However, amidst the cheers and the adrenaline rush, a melody was calling her name. Choosing to take the risk of pursuing music, she left her wrestling career behind and stepped into the uncertain world of the music industry.

Armed with nothing but her hopes, Candy embarked on a journey of self-discovery and reinvention. Her songs are a manifestation of her resilience, weaving her personal story through the strings of her memory. Candy believes in the universal language of music, aiming to create more love and harmony and bring people together. Her music transports listeners to the Texas plains, as wild as her spirit and as expansive as her heart. Through her genuine and radiant character, Candy White invites listeners to find comfort and inspiration in her songs.

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