Anna Richter

Anna Richter is a singer-songwriter who has been writing songs since she was 12 years old and still living in California, and has never stopped since. These days, Anna lives in Iceland and has recently released her latest single, ”Hey.” Music has been Anna’s lifeline through hard times and she wishes to share her music with the world in hopes it can help others.

”My music is like a sugarcoated diary, sugarcoated in a way you can see beauty in pain. I feel something, I pick my guitar up and whatever comes, comes. I don’t sit down with a pen and paper and think I’m going to write a song today, it just happens. I always record on my phone when I’m making a song so I don’t forget the chords or lyrics and when I listen to it later I realize what I was feeling at the time. Music is real, it goes straight through the defenses and reveals the truth behind them.” Anna says. Her song ”Hey” is a song about love; when love has dwindled and nothing is really left to hold on to. Stay tuned!

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