Maren Morris – “The Tree”

Maren Morris, the renowned country music sensation, is making a bold statement in response to the recent surge of reactionary country hits. Known for her powerful vocal talent and now as a vocal advocate for liberal causes, Morris has been taking a stand on various issues close to her heart. This past summer, she graced the stage at the monumental Love Rising benefit concert, an event aimed at opposing the anti-LBGTQ legislation enacted in Tennessee. Furthermore, she has engaged in public disputes with prominent figures like Tucker Carlson and Brittany Aldean, who have shown outspoken transphobic views. Morris’s latest move involves the release of two new songs that symbolically, yet pointedly, address her grievances with the current state of the country music industry.

Maren Morris’ latest tracks, “The Tree” and “Get The Hell Out Of Here,” are both breakup songs, carrying the underlying message of her separation from Nashville’s music scene. “The Tree,” a triumphant anthem, was penned by seasoned country songwriters Jimmy Robbins and Laura Veltz, with co-production by Robbins and Greg Kurstin. In this song, Morris sings of her journey out of the shadows and into the limelight: “I hung around longer than anyone should; You’ve broken my heart more than anyone could.”

Get The Hell Out Of Here” takes a quieter but equally passionate approach. Morris collaborated on this track with Jimmy Robbins and Laura Veltz as well, with co-production by Robbins and Jack Antonoff. Once again, she expresses her longing for departure, singing, “I do the best I can, but the more I hang around here, the less I give a damn. So to all the doubts and demons that I held so dear, go on, get the hell out of here.” These two songs are bundled together as an EP titled “The Bridge,” featuring cover art that seemingly portrays Morris hitchhiking out of town, symbolizing her break from Columbia Records’ Nashville division. Both tracks have accompanying music videos that weave together a continuous narrative, notably featuring Morris setting fire to a miniature representation of the idyllic small town that Jason Aldean once sang about.

In a recent statement, Morris shared her thoughts on the songs and their significance. Additionally, it’s worth noting that both “The Tree” and “Get The Hell Out Of Here” have been added to the Anti Radio playlist, solidifying her commitment to promoting a more inclusive and progressive musical landscape.

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