Fuming Mouth – “The Silence Beyond Life”

For a considerable time, the Massachusetts-based band Fuming Mouth has been crafting a guttural, unholy sound that hovers around the border between death metal and hardcore. Fuming Mouth’s debut album from 2019, ‘The Grand Descent,’ was an absolute powerhouse, followed by the 2020 EP ‘Beyond The Tomb.’ In 2021, frontman Mark Whelan was diagnosed with leukemia. After undergoing chemotherapy and a bone marrow transplant, Whelan is now in remission. Fuming Mouth made a triumphant return to the stage at last year’s America’s Hardcore fest, and they are now poised to release a new album.

Fuming Mouth recorded their upcoming sophomore album, ‘Last Day Of Sun,’ with Converge’s Kurt Ballou. It’s a concept album centered around the theme of death, and Whelan was in the midst of writing it while undergoing cancer treatments. In a press release, Whelan states, ‘What initially began as a fictional concept album became chillingly real. I was staring death in the face, but as I continued to write the album, its message became crystal clear: you could meet your demise tomorrow. Seize the day.’

The first single, ‘The Silence Beyond Life,’ doesn’t quite align with Fuming Mouth’s previous work. The riffs are undeniably heavy, and the atmosphere is foreboding, but the track also features moments of triumphant melody reminiscent of 1990s Swedish death metal. It sounds incredible, and one can only imagine how deeply meaningful the subject matter is for someone who nearly faced death while creating it. Below, you can watch the video for ‘The Silence Beyond Life,’ and find the tracklist for ‘Last Day Of Sun.’

It’s worth noting that this music has been added to the playlist on Anti Radio.

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