Pink Floyd inspire new immersive experience

Pink Floyd‘s iconic track ‘The Great Gig in the Sky’ is set to take center stage in an upcoming immersive exhibition titled ‘Brainstorms: A Great Gig in the Sky’.

This exhibition, hosted at Frameless in London on Friday and Saturday evenings throughout June, is the result of a collaboration between Pollen Music Group and Richard Wright Music Limited. Drawing inspiration from the concept behind the track, the exhibition aims to visually showcase how individuals respond to music, enhancing the listening experience through creative visualizations of brain activity.

During the research phase of the project last autumn, 125 participants had their brain activity recorded while immersing themselves in Pink Floyd’s ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ track using Dolby Atmos technology. The EEG readings captured during this process, reflecting emotions such as excitement, interest, relaxation, and stress, will be displayed within the exhibition to provide insights into the personal and shared experiences elicited by music.

Curated by Gala Wright, daughter of Pink Floyd keyboardist Richard Wright, the exhibition aims to explore the personal significance of music compositions like those of her father. Notable participants, including musician Imogen Heap and her daughter, contributed to the brain data capture process, with their brainwaves visualized in the ‘Murmurations‘ Gallery alongside Heap’s ambient track ‘Cumulus‘.

Additionally, VIP participants will have the opportunity to undergo a unique 15-minute EEG brain capture experience, immersing themselves in ‘The Dark Side of the Moon’ via Dolby Atmos headphones. Following this intense and emotional journey, participants will witness their brain activity transformed into stunning cloud formations, projected within Frameless’ ‘Cloud’ Gallery. Each participant will also receive a personalized memento based on their individual brain’s response to the music.

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