LeAnn Rimes wants career to be fun

LeAnn Rimes is more focused on deriving “enjoyment” rather than pursuing chart success.

The 41-year-old vocalist, who commenced her career at the age of nine, prefers to channel her energy towards creative fulfillment. If her endeavors prove to be commercially successful, it’s seen as an added bonus.

In an interview with Britain’s HELLO! magazine, she expressed, “At this stage, it’s more about, ‘What do I want to create? What ignites my passion and what’s enjoyable?’

“If I engage in something I love and the accomplishments accompany it, that’s fantastic.

“I take immense pride in my position as a songwriter, the messages I convey, and the impact I’m making with my music. I believe it’s more influential than ever.”

The ‘Can’t Fight the Moonlight’ artist, who clinched a Grammy Award at the age of 14, only realized the “unique” nature of her childhood much later in life, especially when comparing it with that of her stepsons, Eddie Cibrian’s kids Mason, now 20, and 16-year-old Jake.

She reflected, “Mine was undoubtedly an uncommon childhood, but it wasn’t until I got much older that I comprehended how exceptional it was.

“I was homeschooled starting from sixth grade and completed high school while touring, so I would dedicate four hours to school each day, along with numerous interviews, and then a performance at night.

“It was demanding, but it became my norm.

“Having my stepsons in my life from when they were two and six, and witnessing their very conventional upbringing, was the first time I truly grasped how distinct my own was.”

During her downtime, LeAnn leads a tranquil existence.

She shared, “When I’m not on tour, I simply relish being at home and savoring life in my comfortable attire.

“We frequently explore and immerse ourselves in nature, which helps keep me grounded. That’s exceptionally important.”

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