Malte Marten

Malte Marten, who cherished the dream of becoming a successful musician since childhood, continued composing orchestral film scores and hip-hop beats during his youth. Despite sharing his music online, Malte didn’t receive the attention he anticipated. However, an instrument that pushed him out of his comfort zone completely transformed his music. Known as the handpan, this instrument shifted his music from the stages of production and composition to improvisation and a raw format.

Learning to play the handpan on the streets of Berlin created a strong connection between Malte Marten and his audience. Some listeners perceive his music as joyful, others find it invigorating, spiritually awakening, or even relaxing and calming. Malte Marten sees his music as a mirror reflecting his inner world, and he emphasizes the role of music as a sanctuary for peace and honest self-reflection, stating, “Music saved my life.” Evaluating his own music as an artistic piece that establishes an emotional and spiritual connection, he offers listeners an opportunity to glimpse into his depths.

Additionally in our Anti Radio online radio, Malte Marten’s music is being played.

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