Félix Rabin

Félix Rabin — the talented young sensation of the Swiss rock scene and much acclaimed guitar virtuoso and live performer — is releasing his brand-new single Find Me on April 26th.

Although French by birth and now living in Switzerland, Félix has built a strong fanbase in the UK scene. This brings him to play more over here than in his native lands. He was, for example, winner of the 2020 Giants of Rock festival contest in Minehead.

One thing that sets Félix Rabin apart from other artists and bands is his guitar techniques and skill, particularly when playing live on-stage with his bandmates. The line-up fields Félix Rabin – Lead singer, guitars & keys; Francesco Gagna – Guitars; Vincenzo Capodivento – Bass; and James Morgan – Drums.

Félix and his band are known for their rigorous experimentation and on-stage testing, which makes seeing them “an inspirational, even transcendent, experience.” As All About the Rock reported on one of their shows.

Band members and instruments played:

Félix Rabin – Lead singer, guitars & keys
Francesco Gagna – guitars
Vincenzo Capodivento – bass
James Morgan – drums

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