Discovering oneself through the pursuit of a passion, coupled with relishing life to the maximum while surmounting substantial obstacles, eventually unveils one’s genuine inner identity, and this odyssey encapsulates the essence of 2DaCore.

Maja Hatibovic, known by the moniker 2Dacore, commenced her journey into Hip-hop dance at the tender age of 9 and engaged in performances with choreographed collectives, encompassing an array of styles including Salsa, Bachata, Son, and Contemporary dance. This marked a promising initiation for a budding artist to connect with the music through physical expression, eloquently conveying her emotions without words, all the while accumulating valuable experience and insight into what resonates with people.

Maja experienced a compelling desire to manifest her physical sensations and articulate her inner thoughts through lyrics. She honed her vocal prowess (comprising classical, soul, rock, extreme vocals, and rap) under the tutelage of various mentors and industry professionals, who instilled in her the sense of purpose and work ethic essential for any emerging artist to embark on their career path.

As arduous as it may have been, she triumphed in attaining a master’s degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences and successfully passed the federal pharmacist examination while shouldering the responsibilities of single motherhood. In the face of adversity and the absence of a support system, she silenced her detractors, proving them all wrong. Her commitment to concentrate increasingly on singing and consistently penning her lyrics resulted in marked improvement of her skills.

The spectrum of her songs delves into uncharted territories, addressing sensitive subjects and gut-wrenching life circumstances that resonate deeply, alongside upbeat tracks that transport you away from the world’s concerns. Her repertoire offers something to suit every mood!

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